Zingela Nature Reserve

Zingela Nature Reserve

Zingela Nature Reserve is 27,000 Hectares of continuous reserve that hosts an abundance of endemic Fauna and Flora, and is situated a mere 4.5 hour drive from Johannesburg International Airport.

Zingela is, truly, a Hidden Diamond of the Limpopo Bushveld that boasts of a wide variety of wildlife, which includes a total of 17 antelope species and amongst the highest predator numbers in the Limpopo Valley, which include Leopard, Cheetah, African Wildcat, Brown Hyena and Serval to name a few. Birders are also in for a treat, and will be able to spot rare and endangered bird species, such as the White-Backed Vulture, Secretary Bird, Kori Bustard and Saddle-Billed stork to name a few.

You are cordially invited to share this hidden Diamond with us.

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