Pleasure Flights and Safaris
Pleasure Flights and Safaris  

We often describe Namibia as the 'land of contrasts' and 'wide, open spaces'. Well, this is truly so. One fully grasps the extend of this vast and breathtaking country when viewing it from the air.

Pleasure Flights & Safaris is based in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia's premier holiday destination. Over the past ten years, Pleasure Flights has been performing eco-friendly sightseeing flights to numerous attractions in the country.

Pleasure Flights & Safaris was founded in 1993 by Chris and Claudia Klein, shortly after which Erwin Goebel (1994), a qualified commercial pilot, joined them as pilot and guide. Erwin grabbed the opportunity to buy the company in December 2001 and took the reigns of the company as Managing Director.

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