Okapika Camp

Okapika Camp


The Okapika Camp is the tented and campsite of the Northern Namibia close to Ovambo and Himba tribes. Come and stay with us in our camp area to look at the beautiful sky and test our seasonal fruits.

We can organise your activities such as guided tours to a genuine Ovambo and Himba villages. Visits are offered to those interested in traditional and cultural tours.

The thatched bungalow will allow you to buy our local craft industry to help the people in our community. The Campsite is set apart around the plain area. Each with its own unique chaim. We are very close to Ruacana river.

We are strategically located:
Kamanjab - Okapika Camp – 300km
Outapi Town - Okapika Camp – 65km
Etunda Irrigation Project - Okapika Camp – 9km
Etosha North - Okapika Camp – 400km

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Cell +264 81 205 1784
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