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Conservations & Foundations in Kenya

Did you know that Kenya is home to some of the rarest species in the world, including the Black and White Rhinos? Well, now you do. One of the greatest works of some of our organizations has been to conserve and preserve these endangered species. Species that you should not leave Kenya without sneaking a peek at.

Have you ever seen a live wild Rhino? What about your children if you have any, have they? When you visit Kenya, you should take advantage of the nation's conservatories and take a look at the species they protect. Visit the national orphanage and glimpse some of the big five.

Interact with Elephants which have been orphaned or rehabilitated at a couple of conservancies. Join in the fight against the extinction of these beautiful animals by adopting one of your own. Give a bit of your time to caring for them, nurturing them, letting others know about them. Future generations will surely thank you for it.

One way to participate in the conservation efforts of the government is to volunteer to care for these animals. Another way is just to see them and passionately educate others about them. Finally, one last option for you, if you love the wild, is to support our efforts in conserving these endangered species by working with related foundations.

Foundations help conserve the habitats of wildlife and rehabilitate those which are harmed. You can help them in their efforts by educating others about them and helping them in fundraising efforts.

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