Wilderness Air  
Wilderness Air

Wilderness Air aims to provide a safe, efficient and reliable service to passengers. We operate a varied fleet of light aircraft, chosen for their ability to transport visitors to remote wilderness destinations with short, dirt-surfaced landing strips.

All these aircraft types differ in their characteristics and are uniquely suited to different types of journey, varying group sizes and clients with different personal needs. The majority of our fleet operate on a schedule route basis; however we also offer charter flights for tailor-made journeys.

Maintaining its safety record throughout, the company began operating in 1991 with one aircraft based in Botswana servicing two camps in the Okavango Delta. Today Wilderness Air is also based in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe and operates over 45 aircraft.

Wilderness Air is privileged to fly into some of the most pristine wilderness destinations in the world. We believe flying is an integral part of guest’s travel experience and therefore our pilots need to have a fundamental enthusiasm for being in such areas. With this notion, Wilderness Air is proud to be the air support of Wilderness Safaris, a responsible ecotourism and conservation company with private access to nearly all of southern Africa’s finest wildlife areas. It is through these wilderness areas that we are able to offer guests a unique and life-changing experience.

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